Be careful what you decide to do during career change, dealing with career rejection or career progression

career change, dealing with career rejection or career progression

“I’m really desperate!”. It’s controversial I know, but that’s how some of you are coming across by your actions when trying to change careers, dealing with career rejection or career progression.

Applying for any old job in sh*t company because it means you can say you made it into tech/got that promotion. Even when the red flags were already dangling right in front of you during the recruitment/interview/promotion process, but you pushed on regardless because getting a “yes” makes you feel validated/wanted.

Say you get it and they want you, and 6-12 months in you’re performing better than anyone expected at that stage. You’re shining and making others in your team or company look good in the process. Win win for everyone right!

Then you realise the tide has turned, something isn’t right anymore and they aren’t treating you with any level of respect you deserve and showing you they don’t value what you are bringing to the table. In some instances going to serious lengths to sabotage you right in front of your eyes.

Please please please, in 2024 can we start moving differently and focusing on the right things to get you attracting the right opportunities that actually match your values and personality. And start communicating your value, values and how you want to be treated.

Not everything is for you, and most rejections are a blessing in disguise and a redirection. You can move sideways, you can prove the suckas wrong and move above, or you can put 2 fingers up to the insecure trouble maker(s) and move right on out of there to better things. The choice is yours, but don’t just put your head in the sand.

Please know there is something positive in every lesson, and know that it’s a temporary situation. And you’ll come out stronger on the other side, if you will only bet on yourself.

The only real effective way to handle these situations is to put as much effort into building up your mindset and confidence as you do your technical skills. You can put 20, 30, 50 applications in for a role and get no where if you really don’t believe in your heart that you have something valuable to offer and constantly looking at the negatives of what you don’t have.

What about what you do have? What about all the transferrable skills that you think are not interesting or relevant to a tech company? What about the initiative you pushed through your last company that changed the way things are done and had a position impact on customers or employees? We focus so much on the bad things that have happened that we forget the positive things we achieved along the way. Can you blow your own trumpet a little please!

Inner work and positive mindset activities while you’re experiencing the roller coaster of a career change, career rejection or career progression journey are so important. Without it you’re likely fighting yourself in circles and getting no where.

More power to you!

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