The Disappointment Of Unrealistic Expectations When Making A Career Change into Tech

The disappointment of unrealistic expectations when making a career change into tech

Inspired by a recent post by Yemurai R on Career Disappointment due to following the career path of someone else and quitting when it doesn’t go to plan in the shortest timescale possible, I felt strongly to put my two cents in. Yem told no lies in her post and she was right to address the issue. So many people have unrealistic expectations of a career change into tech based on the recent ‘social media hype’ of the ‘break into tech within X months’ movement, and then feel like a failure when it doesn’t happen as they thought it would and give up quick.

However, I don’t think its the ‘hype’ alone that has led people to set these unrealistic expectations of being able to announce they broke into tech in X short months. I think a lot of it is also to do with people not willing to do the other important work that’s needed to lay strong foundations before you commit to this roller coaster of a journey to transition into tech…

The inner work

Whose goal is it anyway?

Is it YOUR tech career goal to be in X role in Y area in tech, or someone close to you said it was a cool role, or an influencer on said platform hyped up the role so it must fit you too? Taking the time to get clarity on your goals will set you up for a smoother journey from the outset and ensure you will be investing all this time into pursuing a role that actually matched your values and personality, etc, for the RIGHT reasons.

What’s holding you back?

Why haven’t you achieved goal this before? This requires a lot of self reflection and digging into the past, present and the future, that a lot of people are just not willing to go there because it’s uncomfortable. I remember getting cussed once by a client who came to me for coaching help, but initially refused to look into the past, and sure as hell didn’t want to face what was really holding them back. My response was how do you expect to move forward and create a career and life of your dreams, if you’re not willing to explore and identify what causing your limiting beliefs and sabotaging up your progress. The answer is already inside you, you just need to be willing to invest the time to uncover it to move forward with your goals with full intention and freedom from the mental hold.

Have you set a realistic deadline for success?

The keyword here is ‘realistic’. When I ask some people what they tried and how long for before they concluded it hasn’t worked out, i’m sometimes sat scratching my head like who in the world told you that was a realistic target. Don’t get me wrong some people have been successful in a quick period, but not everyone’s journey is the same and not everyone has the same time and resources to throw at this journey so everyone’s results will be different and its not realistic to set your career goal and timeline based on someone else’s journey.

When I reel off a list of things to find out:

– what they’ve actually tried to achieve the goal

– have they asked anyone in that area of tech they want to get into for feedback

– have they networked with people in the area they wanted

– have they used the ‘gold mind’ that is LinkedIn effectively to help them make meaningful connections,

– have they posted about what they want and declared in public what they are looking

– have they regularly been a bit vulnerable and showcased stuff

the answer is usually ‘no’ to some or most of those points… and I’m sat there sometimes scratching my head about how they expected to achieve their goals in the timeframe they put pressure on themselves to because they’ve not achieved it.

I also have to say switching on the ‘open for work’ logo or adding ‘aspiring XXXXX’ to your title alone ain’t going to get you very far very quickly in most cases.

This is a marathon not a short distance sprint, and you got to believe in yourself yes, but also do the work to learn the stuff relevant to the role, but also just as important to do the work to bet on yourself and use that vulnerable uncomfortableness you may feel to put yourself in a position to attract the right opportunities to you.

A lot of people are just not willing to come outside of their comfort zone to achieve that, and hence blocking and sabotaging your own blessings.

Anyway I said what I said, let me rest my head.

More power to you x

P.S. If you need help to do the ‘inner work’ and help putting together a realistic action plan for getting into tech, check out my career coaching programme for women who want to build inner confidence to make a career change into tech

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