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Dionne is a Tech Career Coach and Speaker with 20 years of experience as a Software Developer, two years as an Agile Development Lead (aka Engineering Manager), and one year recently became an Application Development Manager – STEM at one of London’s largest public transport network providers. She is passionate about diversity in tech and increasing the number of women in tech, especially black women, as the stats are ridiculously low. In an industry commonly viewed as very mature white male dominated, only 19% of people in tech are women, and shockingly only 0.7% of people in tech are black women.

As a dynamic public speaker, Dionne had graced tech conferences with keynote talks and engaged in panel discussions, sharing insights on topics ranging from Technology and Women in Tech to Mindset, Confidence, Career Change, and Leadership.  Her commitment to encouraging diversity and inclusion is evident in her involvement in events such as Tech Inclusion at Google UK, Black@ Facebook Black History Month Festival, the London Games Festival at Somerset House, and Precious Nights at the British Library.  Dionne has a talent for inspiring audiences at any stage of their career, from school leavers to seasoned professionals. Her authentic journey, coupled with actionable content and key takeaways, leaves a lasting impact and drives positive change.

Dionne Speaking at City Hall


Technology, Diversity in Tech, Career Change, Confidence, Leadership, Women in Tech


Dionne is well known for keynote speeches and panel contributions. She can deliver a variety of talks such as:

  • Journey To The App

An authentic and honest account of Dionne’s career journey into tech, the challenges she has faced and how she overcame them, and the key wins and lessons she has learned along the way.

  • Raising Your Game

How to build a personal brand and raise your profile to progress your career in tech

  • Unleashing Your Leadership Potential: Discover the hidden leader within

Dionne shares her experience of how to discover the hidden leader within and transition from individual contributor to leading a technical team


Thank you so much for your inspiring and motivating talk just now, your journey will have resonated with so many and I know we have a lot of colleagues who are really keen to watch the recording too.

It was a real pleasure having you join us on International Women’s Day.

Many thanks again.

Daisy Corporate Services

Dionne has delivered professional talks where she has expertly dispensed knowledge of Tech careers in the Industry. These have proved to be extremely useful to most who have attended based on feedback.


Dionne is a great public speaker herself – regularly motivating and inspiring others to have self belief and go after their dream career by sharing her own career journey.


Dionne recently spoke at the Black and Great book launch (she is also one of the book’s amazing contributors) and her words were truly inspiring, honest and thought provoking. She shared her career journey to date and lots of practical advice for those starting out in their careers. Dionne has a great presence and knows how to engage and connect with a diverse audience. I look forward to seeing Dionne speak at more events and highly recommend her.

Rene Germain
Black and Great