The Confidence Coaching Programme

For women, who are frustrated in their current jobs, who want to build inner confidence to make a career change into tech

Are you Considering a Career Change into Tech?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then this programme is for you

Are you a woman, who is constantly frustrated in your current job, due to lack of progression?

Maybe your current job is at risk due to the current financial climate?

Do you really want a career change, and have an interest in tech?

Are you considering transitioning your career to become a Software Developer, Product Manager, Scrum Master, UX/UI Designer, etc, but haven’t got the confidence to take action to achieve your goals?

Do you have absolutely no idea which tech related role matches your existing skills and experience?

Are you constantly sabotaging your own career change progress by letting limiting beliefs hold you back?

You can build the inner confidence you need to kickstart your tech career journey, with clarity and the right mindset.

Here's how the
Confidence Coaching Programme works...

Being a part of a group community of like-minded peers with support & coaching directly from me will be immensely helpful to ensure you are able to build the inner confidence you need to kickstart your tech career journey with confidence.

Who is best suited to succeed in the
Confidence Coaching Programme...

This programme is for you if:

This programme is NOT for you if:

Meet Your Coach

I’m Dionne, a Tech Career Coach, Trainer and Speaker with 20 years experience as a Software Developer in the tech industry.  My clients who were interested in tech, now get paid as Software Developers, Software Testers, IT Business Analysts, etc.

I help women, who are frustrated in their jobs, build inner confidence to make a career change into tech, through coaching, confidence building and upskilling. Women who transition their careers into meaningful tech roles, roles that allow them to bring their existing skill set, while giving them the opportunity to build technical skills and knowledge, and contribute to the creation of products that make a real difference.

I can help you get clarity on your goals, identify what’s really holding you back, and create a realistic action plan to get your tech career journey kicked off on the right path, quicker than you would do on your own.

Dionne Condor-Farrell

Tech Career Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Diversity in Tech Advocate, Agile Development Lead, Senior Developer 

What Our Clients Say...

Dionne is a strong and inspirational woman and I feel really grateful for the support she gave me while making a career change into software development. Our sessions were key to my success.
Customer Service Assistant
pivoted to Software Developer
You inspired me to take the leap after 15 years in teaching, now here I am in my first tech role. Keep inspiring Dionne!x
pivoted to Data Analyst

The inspiration Dionne gave me from when I first met her until now is honestly at an immense level. The sheer level of support and determination as my mentor I cannot fully put in to words, you need to see Dionne in action. Dionne was my mentor from 2017 - 2019, when I embarked on my career transition and found a stable path in to my work journey.

Dionne is a very knowledgeable person in the Developer realm, she is very knowledgeable in creating software and the applications that she has so much to share that she opened the doors to mentor me until further notice. Dionne's mentor support, workshops and presentations that she consistently delivers to me on a one to one basis and as a collective group helped me progress my career path in to IT as a software developer and extending to all facets of IT business. I truly commend Dionne for all the hard work she has put in to walking with me on my journey.

Customer Service Agent
pivoted to I.T. Business Analyst
I just completed the Confidence Coaching Programme and it was incredible working with Dionne. Before I had different idea of what i wanted to do with my career, but now I have clarity and started writing my own book which I dreamt of writing for years and years, but needed more confidence and self belief. I would definitely recommend the programme.
Software Tester
pivoting to Entrepreneur

The Time To Transition Your
Career Into Tech Is Now!

What you’ll learn during the Confidence Coaching Programme:

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