Confidence Coaching For Career Change Into Tech: She Got The Job!

My heart is full people! I can finally share that last month my coaching client got her first job in tech and received a 50k  increase (that’s a 135% increase) on her previous base salary.  Want to know how she did it?

After 4 years as a High School teacher she decided to quit because she wasn’t enjoying it anymore, and decided she wanted to be a Software Engineer. 

The teaching job was seriously limiting the amount of time she could spend with her young family.  She needed more flexibility.

She initially signed up for a 12-week coding bootcamp that focused on Python development with a well established bootcamp provider and it came with a guaranteed job placement at the end.

She successfully completed the bootcamp and got her certificate.

The job replacement never materialised… she was pi**ed.

She waited around for another opportunity that was to be organised by her bootcamp provider.

She quickly realised they were messing her about.

This really knocked her confidence and she started to doubt herself.  

When she came to me she was lacking confidence in herself so badly that she wasn’t putting herself out there to apply for jobs, and some serious limiting beliefs were holding her back.

She was hiding from recruiters who had been reaching out to her on LinkedIn.  She was playing small.

She was adamant she wanted to be a Software Engineer,  but had started doubting whether that would materialise.

She was self sabotaging.

So how did she turn things around:

She decided to invest in the Confidence Coaching programme, that helped her to build inner confidence to make a career change into tech, through a soulful exploration of mindset, skillsets and next steps.

She committed to attending every coaching session, doing the homework and a lot of self reflection.

After each coaching session she sensed a shift in her mindset.

By week 2 she was ready to let go of the expectations of others to get her a job, and was ready to accept responsibility for her own job search.  

By week 3 she was feeling more confident and had more clarity.  She realised she had more transferable skills than she first thought that would be valuable to a tech company, and that opened her up to a larger range of roles in tech to consider that she’d never even dreamed of before.

By week 4 she was ready to accept the confidence boost interview challenge.  It helped to boost her confidence even more, and she learned so much from going through the process with each one.  

Over the next few weeks she was taking on more challenges out of her comfort zone but with a positive attitude, and learning from each outcome.

She took the advice and tips on how to raise her profile, and she eventually got approached to interview at a large tech company that she found interesting and felt really aligned with her values.  

She went through the stage 1 interview with ease, then flourished during the stage 2 interview and was allowed to focus on a topic that was close to her heart.  Then stage 3 with a bit of additional coaching support along the way she was able to smash the final interview.  


With a bit more advice and guidance given on negotiating her worth, she managed to secure a bigger bag than was initially expected, increasing her previous base salary by 50k (135%), with the total compensation package at a whopping 264% increase on her previous salary if you take into account all the stocks and benefits.  Woo Hoo!

She’s gone from 4 years as a High School teacher to becoming an Associate Solutions Architect.  A role that is more aligned to her purpose and passion and that allows her to mix her teaching background with interest in the software delivery process.

The investment in the programme and in herself seriously paid off. 

She achieved this job offer within 4 months of completing the formal part of the Confidence Coaching Programme.  And to top it off, the role is fully remote.

You can imagine how happy I was to receive her confirmation message (see photo below)…

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The comment she sent on her first day of the new job had me fighting back the tears… 

“Thanks for making me believe in my potential. It’s a very happy day for my family today”

Are you a woman who is frustrated in your job?

Do you lack confidence in yourself to make the career change you desire?

Has a career change into tech been on your wish list for the longest, but you don’t know where to start?

Do you want to increase your salary, and believe a career change into tech is the way for you?

Have you been sabotaging your own career change dreams?

The Confidence Coaching programme could be just what you needed all along.

Click and book a discovery call now to discuss how the Confidence Coaching programme could help you kickstart your tech career journey. 

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