Career Change Into Tech: Navigating Networking Tip For The Introvert In You

career change into tech or progress your existing tech career

Earlier this month I went to an in-person launch of a new women in tech event/networking event called She Bytes Back over in Hoxton London hosted by Amber Shand (more on that in a future post).

Whether you’re interested in career change into tech or progressing your existing tech career, networking is a great way of growing your professional circle, learning something new, uncovering potential opportunities (did you know around 70% of tech roles are not even advertised), and generally building long term relationships with like minded people.

After years of networking I still sometimes find it difficult at times to instigate conversations with people I don’t know already in a networking setting (got a lot better at this in recent years by feeling the introvert fear and pushing throughout anyway).

However, one trick I’ve found recently to eliminate this awkwardness is to be bold and ask a question during Q&As at events. Sometimes you get to stand up and introduce yourself before asking your question. Sometimes you just get thrown right in to get on with it.

Yes it can be nerve racking when all of a sudden everyone in the room is focused on you and listening deeply to your every word, but if you ask a good question that a lot of people were likely dying to ask but didn’t have the guts to, it can be a good way to meet a lot of people in a short space of time and carry on the conversation as people naturally just flock to you to introduce themselves and talk more.

I first did this by accident at an event last year November, asked a controversial question that I wasn’t sure how the panel of speakers would take it, but had to be said. I ended up meeting lots of new people who wanted to continue the topic of conversation, got to discuss different viewpoints, and I didn’t get to sit down for an hour and a half after the panel ended (and even missed the opening of the finger food table afterwards lol).

I now regularly challenge myself to ask at least one question at most events I attend. It happens in a similar way every event since.

Warning though, if you’re going to do this I must point out you can get quickly overwhelmed with the amount of people who approach you afterwards, especially if your question was controversial or really resonated with them.

What has worked for you when navigating networking events when trying to make a career change into tech or progress your existing tech career? let me know in the comments below.

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