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You inspired me to take the leap after 15 years in teaching, now here I am in my first tech role 😊. Keep inspiring Dionne!x

L. C.

Data Analyst

The inspiration Dionne gave me from when I first met her until now is honestly at an immense level. The sheer level of support and determination as my mentor I cannot fully put in to words, you need to see Dionne in action. Dionne has been my mentor since 2017 when I embarked on my career transition and found a stable path in to my work journey. Dionne is a very knowledgeable person in the Developer realm, she is very knowledgeable in creating software and the applications that she has so much to share that she opened the doors to mentor me until further notice. Dionne’s mentor support, workshops presentations that she consistently delivers to me on a one to one basis and as a collective group helped me progress my career path in to IT as a software developer and extending to all facets of IT business. I truly commend Dionne for all the hard work she has put in to walking with me on my journey. Dionne to me is a huge role model for women in Tech! as a mentee I appreciate seeing all the visions set by Dionne coming in to fruition


IT Business Analyst

Dionne is a strong and inspirational woman and I feel really grateful for the support she gave me while making a career change into software development. Our mentoring sessions were key to my success.


Software Developer