• Coding Black Females – Taking The Lead event             June 2021

Delivered a talk called Stepping Up To Lead, where I shared my recent experience of transitioning from a Senior Developer role, to leading a Mobile development team as an Agile Development Lead.  I shared valuable insights on preparing for Leadership roles, the emotions felt during the transition, taking ownership of your career and creating changes and opportunities for yourself.

  • Inspiring Leadership – Part 2                                       June 2021

Organised a follow-up Career Development Programme event for TfL RACE Staff Network Group members (100 attendees), on how to build Leadership skills  to progress their career.  Invited to guest speakers from the Senior Leadership Team at TfL (Leonie Saywell – TfL Organisation Development & Leadership Lead, Darren Duporte – TfL Senior Executive Recruitment Consultant, and Gurdeep Sira – TfL Talent Acquisition Lead) and covered the theory and practical side of Leadership skills development, and provide actionable steps for the audience to build leadership skills.

  • Inspiring Leadership                                                      April 2021
Career development programme - Inspiring Leadership
Organised an inspiring Career Development Programme event for TfL RACE Staff Network Group members (150 attendees), on how to build Leadership skills  to progress their career.  Invited to guest speakers from the Senior Leadership Team at TfL (Rikesh Shah – TfL Head of Commercial Innovation, Aisha Tague – TfL Head of Ticketing, Revenue and SRT Customer Service) to share their career journey to Leadership, and provide actionable steps for the audience to build leadership skills.

  • IWD Tech Talks by the Women in Tech                        March 2021

Co-organised a tech talks event on the end to end delivery of tech products at TfL.  The event covered talks from a Senior Product Owner, Senior Developer, Senior Test Analyst and Senior Business Analysis, covering Agile Scrum, discovery, backlog features, epics and stories, development, and a variety of testing.  Delivered the talk on the development cycle for TfL Go android app (a travelling planning app with heavy focus on accessibility).

  • Raising You  Game: Personal Branding                          February 2021

Organised a Career Development Programme event for TfL RACE Staff Network Group members, on how to build a personal brand and raise your profile to progress their career.  Also delivered a talk during the event on using the power of public speaking to build a brand and raise your profile.

  • Black Codher Employer Roundtable Conference         November 2020

Delivered a keynote talk called Bridging the Gap, highlighting the digital skills gap in the UK, the impact of an diverse workforce, and how black women can contribute.  Employers representatives from UBS, Accenture, and KPMG, and graduates from the first cohort of the Black Codher bootcamp.

  • Black Devs LDN Careers Q&A                                                   November 2020

  • TLA Black Women in Tech and Deloitte                              October 2020

Really enjoyed speaking at the TLA/Deloitte Black Women in Tech panel. It was a pleasure the share the virtual stage with the amazing ladies Charlene Hunter, Christine Osazuwa, Nelly Kiboi, 🚀 Yasmin Taylor, Yemurai Rabvukwa, and it was expertly hosted by Flavilla Fongang. The speakers were hosted on Zoom, and then the event was webcast to 100s of people in the comfort of their homes.

I was blown away by the amount of people who joined my breakout session “Raising your Game”. I delivered a very open and honest account of how I initially inadvertently raised my profile tech through public speaking, community and awards, and subsequently continued on to build a personal brand with purpose. I also highlighted why it’s important that people start raising their profile with intent, as early as possible in their tech career, even if you have not transitioned into the tech industry yet.

  • Journey to your Career Success                           October 2020

Really enjoyed organising and hosting my first virtual event for TfL, alongside the TfL RACE Staff Network Group Career Development project team members called “Journey to your Career Success”, covering career success journeys of two inspiring senior leaders, and delivering career planning skills workshop.

We were joined by two inspiring senior leaders, Frank Ibe is the Head of Line Operations – Bakerloo and Victoria lines, Djamila Guernou is the Head of Technology Service Operations – Tech & Data, who shared their career journeys

This led into a very in-depth Leadership Q&A session, chaired by Sherelle Cadogan (Driver Instructor Operator, and a RACE SNG Leadership team member), who fielded a large variety of questions from the audience posted on Slido.

We then moved onto the Career Planning workshop, expertly delivered by Darren Duporte and Katie Charteris, both Senior Executive Talent Acquisition Managers in the Diversity, Inclusion and Talent team at TfL.

The event was well received and attracted a lot of questions and positive feedback.

  • Tech Talent Charter                                                 February 2020

I recently represented TfL at the Tech Talent Charter London Regional Event at City Hall sponsored by the Mayor of London,  and raised awareness of TfL’s in-house Development Team, and TfL’s best practices for attracting more women and underrepresented groups into tech.

  • Witty Careers @Microsoft                                    December 2019

Had a lot of fun last night at my first visit to a Witty Careers event, hosted at the Microsoft Store.  Got to share my journey starting from humble beginnings, getting into tech by accident and failure, and turning it into success.  Felt really privileged to share the stage with my “sister in tech” Deborah Okenla.  The event was put together by Microsoft Tech Evangelist Simi Awokoya.

  • Coding Black Females @Conde Nast                  October 2019

So grateful to be asked to speak on Coding Black Females panel alongside two lovely ladies Jean Jimbo and Bukola Thompson, who are both inspirations to the community.

Love what Charlene Hunter is doing with the Coding Black Females

Was super grateful for the safe space created there to discuss careers in tech and share my ups and downs, successes and failures, and to get the opportunity to encourage others not to make the same mistakes I have made, take chances, invest in yourself and thrive.
  • PwC                                                                               September 2019

I was invited to speak at the ‘Personal Branding’ event with PwC and UKBlackTech to deliver my talk “Getting into Tech”.  I shared an authentic and honest account of my brief intro to tech in childhood, and again in my teenage years, and in adulthood.  I also highlighted some of the key lessons I have learned during my career journey that I wish knew at the start.  We explored a range of different topics around personal branding and career progression, to encourage people to come out of your comfort zone, network like mad, approach people they don’t know, ask for what they want, always be on the lookout for opportunities, do your research, and using a No as flue to reach achieving your goals.  This year UKBlackTech joined forces with PwC to encourage greater diversity in the technology sector, supporting people from all backgrounds to consider a career in tech.

  • Journey to the App – Coding Black Females event        May 2019

Really enjoyed attending my first Coding Black Females meetup, and delivering my talk ‘Journey to the App’ at Moo.  I shared an open and honest account of transitioning into Mobile App Development and the trial and tribulations of acquiring the skills to make the team.  I felt quite overwhelmed to be honest, as I’ve never been in a room full of black women who are interested in what I am passionate about.

All the ladies in the audience were either in tech or working towards getting the skills to get that first tech role.  Super inspiring to meet them all.

  • London Games Festival – WIN event                   April 2019

I got asked to speak at the London Games Festival 2019 WIN event at Somerset House for an inspirational talk encouraging more women to get into tech and games.  I am not a Games developer, but after spending many years in tech and the obstacles I have faced and lessons I’ve learnt along the way was valuable to women in games, and those aspiring to get into the industry.

I was lucky enough to grace the stage for a fireside chat with two of Gaming royalty, Brenda Romero (BAFTA Award winning Games Developer of Wizardry 8) and Adele Cutting (BAFTA Award winning Audio Sound engineer for Games). There was no agenda to this fireside chat. We were let loose to talk about whatever burning topics we wanted. I was literally star struck and probably well over smiling at Brenda. It was a no-hold barred hilarious, honest, authentic, and at some points deep conversation. I told them straight about the experiences at the start of my career of daring to be a “Black Female Developer”, and constantly being questioned throughout my career about why I choose to get into and choose to stay in development, and also encouraged to look at other less challenging jobs”. Being Black, Female and a Dev is actually OK, and achievable, and sustainable, so people really need to get over themselves with their concern for me. I’m doing just fine Thank you.

  • Where’s the BAME in Tech? – Part 2                    November 2018

Organised, hosted and spoke at a diversity in tech event called “Where’s the BAME in Tech? – Part 2” at Transport for London to a majority external audience.  This was the second instalment of the BAME in Tech event hosted at TfL, where we had the getting together of great minds and successful people in the Tech industry to have an open and honest discussion, and highlight the achievements and successes of BAME people in Tech (a very underrepresented group in the Tech industry).  It also highlighted the barriers faced and how they overcame them, and discuss whether emerging/modern technologies have opened up new opportunities for people from BAME backgrounds in Tech industry.  The event showcased 4 speakers, and a very lively panel of Tech experts discussing the problem of diversity in tech, and offering workable solutions to solve it.

I delivered a talk sharing my journey getting into tech as the only Black Female Developer at most organisations I’ve worked at, and dealing with negative opinions from peoples, the state of Diversity in Tech and where BAMEs currently fit in, and a controversial look at how organisations can change their mindset around diversity in tech and improving ethnic diversity in tech in their organisation by realising the financial benefits of including BAME tech professionals in all stages of the design and development of products and services.

  • Android  – Apprentice Bootcamp @ TfL                  October 2018

Designed and delivered a full day Introduction to Android development workshop for the new Software Development Apprentices at TfL Tech and Data to learn Android Application Development.  Used a mixture of theory, demonstration and practical methods to guide the apprentices in developing an Asset Locator app, using Android Framework, Google Location Services, and utilise other built-in Apps e.g. Camera app.  This one day session was delivered in the hope of encouraging the apprentice to consider moving into the Mobile App Development space in the near future.

  • Diversity in Tech – Black @ Facebook                    October 2018

I was invited to appear on a panel discussion at Facebook for Black History Month – Diversity in Tech event, organised by Black @ Fcebook community.  Was very blessed to share the stage with the likes of Suki Fuller (Founder of Miribure), Melanie Eusebe (Founder of The Black British Business Awards), Ashley Ainsley (Co-Founder of Color in Tech), and Mark Martin (Founder of UK Black Tech).  I was able to share my open and honest opinions of why lack of diversity in tech exists, and share my experience as one of a few Black Female Developers, and offer solutions to improve diversity in tech.

  • Women Who Code @ TfL                                       September 2018

Organised and hosted an event for the Women Who Code London tech community at TfL for the second year in a row.  Welcomed a larger group on talented women in tech for tech talks and networking. We had some interesting talks from a variety of speakers from TfL and the WWC community, and I also delivered a very authentic talk about my Journey to the App – Transitioning to Mobile App Development, in the hope of encouraging other women to consider moving into the Mobile App Development space as its seriously underrepresented.

Photo credit: @sonyamoisset
  • Intro to Android Mobile App Development    September 2018

Organised and hosted a half day coding workshop in celebration of London Tech Week, for TfL Women’s Staff Network Group – Women in Tech community members interested in learning Android Mobile App Development.  The attendees had no prior experience of coding and most were from non tech backgrounds, but still managed to created a basic App in less than 3 hours.

  • Diversity + Tech at Facebook London                                       June 2018

Invited to be a panelist for a panel discussion for an event called Diversity + Tech at Facebook London in front of an audience of over 200 attendees.  The event was organised as a joint venture for the Out in Tech and Lesbians Who Tech communities, and their allies, and supported by Facebook.   The discussion covered diversity issues that women, BAME people and the LGBTQ+ community face in the industry (all underrepresented groups in the tech industry).  I shared my experience of being one of the few Black female developers at most of the companies I’ve worked for, some of the challenges I faced, and how I overcame them.  Also other panelists share their experience as LGBTQ+ in tech related roles and the discrimination they have faced.  There was also quite an in-depth debate about whether companies’ investments in diversity initiatives are just a tick box exercise, and what companies should be doing to creating more diverse workforce.

  • Data Digital and Tech Together conference                      February 2018
  • TfL WSNG Women in Tech Community Launch            January 2018

Solo talk called Persistence and Tech sharing my journey into tech and some of the experiences I have had, some of the tech I actually use, and some of the key lessons I have learnt throughout my career that I wish I knew at the start.

  • Tech Inclusion London 2017                                      December 2017

    I was invited to speak on a panel to discuss how we can go about ‘Creating an Inclusive tech Future in London’, at Tech Inclusion London 2017 conference at Google Central London.

  • Where’s the BAME in Tech?                                       November 2017

    Organised, hosted and spoke at a diversity in tech event called “Where’s the BAME in Tech?” at Transport for London to a majority external audience.  The getting together of great minds and successful people in the Tech industry to have an open and honest discussion and highlight the achievements and successes of BAME people in Tech (a very underrepresented group in the Tech industry), highlight the barriers faced and how they overcame them, and discuss whether emerging/modern technologies have opened up new opportunities for people from BAME backgrounds in Tech industry. I delivered a talk on the barriers faced as the only Black Female Developer at most organisations, and how you can inspire other people from BAME backgrounds to pursue their dreams of a career in tech.  I also participated in the panel discussion.

  • Women Who Code @ TfL                                              September 2017

    Hosted and spoke at the first tech community event at Transport for London for Women Who Code London showing the masses that TfL do more than bus and trains, and actually develops cool stuff in-house. Over 100 people came to see and hear about what we do with cutting edge tech to improve travel services and experiences for our customers.  I delivered a tech talk on the integration between TfL Oyster App and Oyster Online using Java API Services and Microsoft Azure Service Bus.

  • Code Slinger 2017 conference                                     June 2017

    Speaker at the Code Slinger 2017 conference at American Square Conference Centre in London on 7th June 2017 .  Delivered a 30 minute talk called Journey to the Cloud to an audience of 100 Software Developers, which shared my tech career, the highs and the lows of becoming a developer, and my journey into Cloud Computing, with an brief introduction to Cloud Computing using Microsoft Azure and Docker.

  • The Women of Silicon Roundabout conference      May 2017

    Speaker in the Technical Track at the Women of Silicon Roundabout 2017 conference at Tobbaco Dock in London on 11th May 2017.  Delivered a 20 minute talk called Embracing the Cloud to an audience of 130 tech enthusiasts (predominately female) which shared my journey so far in tech, and an intro to cloud computing.

  • Ladies of Code (London) meetup                                May 2017

    My first solo public speaking opportunity at Ladies of Code (London) meetup event, where I shared a cut down trial version of my talk for WSR conference called Journey to the Cloud. 5 minutes Talk, 5 minutes Q&A. Nerve racking, but fun :-).

  • Iron Circle Entrepreneurs event                                 April 2017

    Guest panelist at the Iron Circle Entrepreneurs meetup group for young non-tech entrepreneurs who are interested in Tech, discussing my journey into tech, entrypoints, diversity issues, and how to deal with external negativity when pursuing your goals.

  • UK Black Tech Launch Event at Bloomberg           February 2017

    A panelist at the launch of a new initiative called UK Black Tech, discussing key challenges influencing low diversity representation in the UK, and solutions to increasing diversity in tech.