Coaching Service

I help women in established careers with a desire to become a Software Developer, and women who are already established techies needing to refresh their skills and knowledge, and who want to build a personal brand and raise their profile in Tech.

My mission is to inspire as many women as possible to take a leap of faith and start their journey to becoming a successful Tech Professionals by coaching, encouraging, guiding and supporting them along the way.

If you are looking to start your journey to become a Software Developer, learn new tech skills, build more confidence with tech and projects, or create a personal brand to raise your profile in tech to progress your career, you’ll need a coach who’s been there, who can support you, guide you and keep you accountable to achieve your goals.

Book an initial Discovery Consultation call with me below, and let’s get you on your way!

This initial Discovery Consultation call is for anyone who wants to discuss how to:

  • Learn more about software development roles and why they are in demand
  • Pivot into a software development/mobile development/tech related role
  • Learn new skills
  • Get clarity on their tech career goals
  • Build confidence
  • Progress their tech career journey
  • Ask any tech related questions