National Coding Week 14th – 20th September 2020

It’s National Coding Week this week, so it’s a good a time as any to get started with coding if you’ve been thinking about it for way too long and not taken action yet.

I’ll share a free or low cost resource each day this week to get you exploring this wonderful world of code.

Day 1:


If you are starting from scratch or have little experience with coding, then this is a good free resource to get started with the basics. You can learn anything from HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, and more. You can go as fast or slow as you please as its all self paced. Take a look and try out some of the languages to see what resonates with you.

There is a paid option if you fancy more structured learning, but the free option is enough to get started with.

Day 2:

FreeCodeCamp The self-paced curriculum involves 1,400 hours of interactive coding challenges and web development projects, plus 800 hours of contributing to open-source projects for nonprofits and is constantly expanded by more challenges and projects.

Day 3: 

If you prepare a more structured way of learning to code, the resource I’m sharing today will be right up your street.


Every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from world-class universities and companies, so you can learn something new anytime, anywhere. There are hundreds of free courses giving you access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums. The paid courses provide additional quizzes and projects as well as a shareable Course Certificate upon completion.

I did a search for “coding for beginners” and there are at least 15 to choose from. So get enrolled on something new, and get started today ;-).

Day 4:

If you prefer self paced and the quality video training way of learning to code, the resource I’m sharing today will be right up your street.

Udacity –

Udacity’s mission is to train the world’s workforce in the careers of the future. They partner with leading technology companies to learn how technology is transforming industries, and teach the critical tech skills that companies are looking for in their workforce. With their powerful and flexible digital education platform, even the busiest learners can prepare themselves to take on the most in-demand tech roles.

I enrolled on their Introduction to Kotlin course a while ago and found it to be very good quality, engaging, and detailed.

There are plenty of free courses available on Udacity to get you started with coding.

Day 5:

If you’re interested in getting into coding for Mobile Apps and/or Games Development, today’s resource will be a good starting point for you. Coding skills for Android, iOS, and Unity are all expertly covered with this one.

RayWenderlich – offers over 3,000 high-quality tutorials to boost your programming career, created by a community of experts from around the world. All of the tutorials on the site are created by a community of experts from around the world. We’ve encountered pretty much everything you could possibly run into as a developer.

I’ve used this resource myself for learning Kotlin for Android, and found it to be a very interesting and challenging. They have well paced and engaging tutorials, and caters for all levels (beginners, intermediates and advance).

There are some free tutorials available, but most are available via the low cost membership from $9.99 US Dollars per month ($119 per year). I think for the quality of the content you get, the membership fee is really worth considering.

Day 6:

If you enjoy learning via games/activities, this resource will be an exciting one for you.

Coding Game –

Coding Game us new way to improve your programming skills while having fun and getting noticed. Coding Game’s goal is to let programmers keep on improving their coding skills by solving the World’s most challenging problems, learn new concepts, and get inspired by the best developers.

Many languages are supported, such as Java, Python, Kotlin, Ruby, Swift, C++ ,C##, Groovy, etc

Day 7:

If you’re starting from scratch wanting to land your dream coding job, and looking for a comprehensive resource that will get you from zero to engineer ready, Today’s resource will hit the spot.

Coding With Mosh –

Mosh Hamedani life’s mission is to help novice and professional software engineers increase their skills, make more money and ultimately change their lives for the better.

Whether you want to become a front end developer, or back end developer, Mosh has created many hours of quality video training content to help you reach your goals.

To land your coding dream job, you need to be skilled in as many areas of development as you can. You need to know various programming languages, data structures, design patterns, front-end/back-end libraries, databases, etc.

Mosh offer a small subscription fee ($18 per month) to get access to the constantly growing library of courses.

He also has plenty of free tutorials on his youtube channel to get a time of what he’s got to offer.

That’s the 7 days of National Coding Week complete.  Happy Coding  😊

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Problem: Using Godaddy Email forwarding through Workspace email not working

I had an issue trying to forward mail from to another email hosted on gmail, and I solved it by setting the MX records on mydomain DNS settings.

How to do this:

After logging into your account, and after you have setup Email Forwarding in Godaddy, go to the My Domains page on the Godaddy website.

In the My Domains page, locate your domain name (e.g. in the list of domains and click on the 3 dots next to the domain name. Select the Manage DNS option. This will take you to the DNS Management page for your domain (You can also access the DNS Management page through the Domain Settings page and click on the Manage DNS link at the bottom of the page).

On the DNS Management page you will see a list of different Records.  Click the ADD button at the bottom of the Records section.

A dialogue window will open, and the Type field will display. select MX from the Type dropdown list. This will display more fields to complete.

Add the following record:

For the Type field:             MX

For the Host field:             @

For the Points To field:

For the Priority field:        10

For the TTL field:              1 hour

Then click save. And the dialogue window will close

Add another record by clicking the ADD button again.

Add the following:

For the Type field:                MX

For the Host field:                @

For the Points to field:

For the Priority field:            0

TTL:                                       1 hour

Click save and the dialogue window will close.

Give it a few minutes ,and then send an email to your new domain email address(e.g. from another email address (not the email address you are expecting to receive the forwarded messages), and you should now see that the message you sent is forwarded to the email address you wanted to receive the forwarded messages.

Hope this helps someone 🙂

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Actions On Google Workshop Codelab Issues

So yesterday I attended the Build Actions for Your Community (Actions on Google) Workshop. It was an opportunity to learn how to develop Actions for Google Assistant (the voice assistant available for users of Google Home, or Google Assistant in a Mobile device).  The workshop was  brilliant and I learnt a lot, and there were plenty of mentors on hand to help guide you and keep you motivated.

I managed to complete CodeLab Level 1 last night and attempted to start CodeLab level 2, but was hitting an issue when trying to install the required Firebase tools on my laptop.

The issue was around npm not being able to find the module ‘internal/util/types’ when trying to install the firebase tools with the command npm -g install firebase-tools


Darwin 17.5.0
npm ERR! argv “/usr/local/Cellar/node/10.7.0/bin/node” “/usr/local/bin/npm” “i” “-g” “npm”
npm ERR! node v10.7.0
npm ERR! npm v2.14.7

npm ERR! Cannot find module ‘internal/util/types’
npm ERR!
npm ERR! If you need help, you may report this error at:
npm ERR! <>

npm ERR! Please include the following file with any support request:

After spending hours of faffing around trying to work out a solution, today I finally fixed it with the following:

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/lib/node_modules

brew update node

I then ran the firebase tools install command again:

npm -g install firebase-tools

Which produced the following output:

/usr/local/bin/firebase -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/firebase-tools/bin/firebase

> @google-cloud/functions-emulator@1.0.0-beta.5 postinstall /usr/local/lib/node_modules/firebase-tools/node_modules/@google-cloud/functions-emulator

> node scripts/upgrade-warning

If you’re using the Emulator via the Firebase CLI, you can

disregard this message.

If you’re upgrading @google-cloud/functions-emulator, these

are the recommended upgrade steps:

1.  Stop the currently running emulator, if any:

        functions stop

2.  Uninstall the current emulator, if any:

        npm uninstall -g @google-cloud/functions-emulator

3.  Install the new version of the emulator:

        npm install -g @google-cloud/functions-emulator

If you have trouble after upgrading, try deleting the config

directory found in:


Then restart the emulator. You can also check for any renegade

Node.js emulator processes that may need to be killed:

    ps aux | grep node

+ firebase-tools@4.0.2

added 547 packages from 274 contributors in 16.264s

It worked 🙂

Thank the lord!

Looking forward to completing Codelab Level 2 now.

Good luck everyone 🙂

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How do you keep your tech skills and knowledge up to date

I attend Tech events every month (mostly free and some paid for) to learn about new tech and keep up to date, and over the last 4 years attending these one thing I’ve noticed time and time again is that there is rarely anyone who looks like me at these events.

1) Just wondered how you all keep your tech skills and knowledge up to date?

A) Self Study (reading tech books / articles /online tutorials)
B) Attend free tech events and seminars
C) Attend courses, tech events and/or seminars paid for by you
D) Attend courses, tech events and/or seminars paid for by your Employer
E) On the job training only
F) Work on a side project/’tech for good’ to keep skills up to date
G) I don’t keep my skills and knowledge up to date
H) Other (if its this option elaborate)

2) Have you found actively keeping your skills up to date has helped you progress in your career?

Answers on a postcard please (or just post in the comments box below would be great :-))

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