Featured In…

I have been fortunate enough to be featured in the following:

The Voices In The Shadow

Grateful and humbled to be one of the women featured in The Voices In The Shadow book, which has been sent to 300 schools in the UK and Inreland, and more to come.

Visibility is so important, especially of role models in industries with shockingly low representation. Only 19% of people in tech are women, and ridiculously, only 0.7% of people in tech are black women.

Hoping my story and that of the other 50 amazing women will inspire a new generation of women techies.

You can access an extended digital version of the book here https://theblackwomenintech.com/the-voices-in-the-shadow-book-digital-version-request/

You can order a physical copy of the book here https://theblackwomenintech.com/the-voices-in-the-shadow-campaign/